SFU Vancouver Open Learning Week: Exhibitor Registration

What is it?
We want to explore the future of learning and learning opportunities at SFU Vancouver with you. From November 15-21, if you are an SFU program and have an event taking place, or would like to host one, we'll work with you to amplify your programming through a strategic outreach campaign, under the umbrella "Open Learning Week". Think of this week as an umbrella to showcase all the great programming taking place across SFU Vancouver's eight sites.
How can you participate?
If you have an event, info session or workshop planned, just register it below and we'll send you details on how to communicate that you're part of the week. If you don't have an event planned, but want to participate, let us know too.
Why participate in Open Learning Week?
  • the week is deliberately framed as an umbrella of events to leverage interest from all audiences and attract more attendees across all programs
  • an in-depth marketing and communications strategy will provide internal amplification of events and programs
  • this communications strategy will also offer external amplification through targeting social media campaigns, news stories, and focused paid advertising
When will you hear back?
Right now, we're gathering submissions. We'll connect with all participants in early October to ensure your event information is correct.

Will you participate in SFU Vancouver's week exploring the future of learning?
Please confirm your participation.

For questions regarding this event series please email vanadmin@sfu.ca.

How would you like to participate?

Please select one or more of the following options.

If there is more than one department or program registering, please list all.

Please list the title of your workshop, length, presenter, and link (if available).

Please list the title of your info session, length, and link (if available).

Please list the title of your evemt, length, and link (if available).

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we'll be sure to follow up. Please expect an email from us either way, confirming your sign up and any next steps.