Intergenerational Play-Young Family Members

Old family members refer to your parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts.
You can skip the questions if you feel uncomfortable about them. However, we still encourage you to complete the whole survey, as it will help us develop a deeper understanding about the socio-emotional impacts of intergenerational play.
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Title: Understanding Intergenerational Digital Gameplay of Old Adults with Family Members
Principal Investigator: Dr. Fan Zhang, Postdoctoral Scholar, Faculty of Education
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. David Kaufman, Professor, Faculty of Education
Co-Investigators: Dr. Helena Viana, Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Education

Sponsor. This study is being funded by the Age-Well Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program. Grant Name: Digital Social Games for Learning and Entertainment.

Study Purpose. The purpose of this study is to explore the features of intergenerational play between people aged 55+ and their family members aged 15+, and examine the impacts of intergenerational play on the different age groups (e.g., social support, life satisfaction). The findings will help game designers and researchers understand the nature of intergenerational play, what role technology can play in bringing different generations together and how they manage their physical and social differences. The new knowledge and understanding generated from this study can be drawn on for future intergenerational programs to create connections among family members.

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Study Results. The results of this study will be published in academic journal articles and academic conferences. You are welcome to request for feedback on the findings or results of the study if needed.

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Risks: Minimal Risk
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Comments and questions can be addressed to the Principal Investigator, Dr. Fan Zhang, Faculty of Education, email – , phone at 604-353-3968. Comments and questions can be also addressed to Dr. David Kaufman, Faculty of Education, email –, phone at 778-782-8880.

All concerns or complaints can be sent to Dr. Jeffrey Toward, Director, Office of Research Ethics at or 1-778-782-6593.

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