FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2017 - 'Space' Submission Form

The Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) is hosting its 7th annual Undergraduate Conference on Friday, February 24th, 2017.  We are seeking a diverse range of submissions to be showcased for this year's theme - 'Space'.

Please use the following web-survey to submit your proposal. Should you have any questions, or require assistance, please contact Juvina Silvestre at fcatcomm@sfu.ca or send a tweet to @FCATatSFU.

Presentations are limited to 15 minutes - please take this into consideration when determining the length of your submission piece.

Abstracts must include the following: a clear description of your submission, an explanation of its importance, and an explanation of how it relates to the theme.  Max 300 words.
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Submission Instructions

We've extended the submission deadline to November 28th 11:59pm!

Video submissions can be sent by one of the two methods:

1. Email your Vimeo or YouTube link to fcatcomm@sfu.ca
2. Use a file sharing website, such as Dropbox.com, to share with fcatcomm@sfu.ca

Which of the following undergraduate programs are you currently enrolled in:

*Submissions are only opened to FCAT undergraduate students enrolled in courses in Fall 2016*

Contact Information

If you are submitting work as a group, list all group members' names and email addresses.

Have you spoken with a Professor/instructor/TA about your project?

If applicable, please indicate the name(s) of your Professor / Instructor / TA that you have discussed your project with.

*This is strongly encouraged to strengthen your submission piece*

Abstract Instructions

Abstracts must include: a clear description of your submission piece, an explanation of its importance, and an explanation of how it relates to the theme - 'Space'. Max 300 words.